KMS Big Room’s new 16 channel recording setup!


Kailua Music School’s Big Room just got a new 16 channel recording setup for the students and teachers to use!


Behold! A Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56, a Focusrite Octopre MKII, a Presonus Central Station with remote, a full 1080P monitor. A pair of Numark monitor speakers, and a Polk Audio subwoofer. All powered by an i7 920 with 12 gigs of RAM, and of course, running REAPER

Found a suitable rack to use for the gear and shoved the subwoofer under the table

Bolted down the rack and decided what sort of fasteners to use to make a clean job of it

Deciding on the gear order

Split the recording snake to make it more convenient for both setups

Oh no! The dreaded foil jacket. These can be delicate

Good thing there's a NAPA next door. Some split loom corrugated tubing is just the thing!

Both looms done and ready to go! 16 for the control room and 8 for the big room

Beginning the wiring for the rack

Adding the word clock and the DAW output to the Central Station

Rack is all done, wired to the speakers, Central Station Remote is connected

Everything is up and time to test some sounds!