Bass Teachers

Kailua Music School offers bass guitar lessons including: Hawaiian, folk, popular, rock ‘n’ roll, classical and jazz styles. Instruction includes improvisation, theory, technique and performance. From earliest beginner to advanced. Listed below are the Kailua Music School bass guitar instructors. For more information or to sign up for lessons, call: 808-261-6142 or email us


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  • Bob Hernandez

    Bob Hernandez has played for Bass 51 years. Following a simple theory, ” A Groove is a terible thing to waste!” He is originally from Baltimore, MD and has lived in Hawaii since 1976. He has played with many fine musicians including Steve Morris, Fulton Toshimbe, J.P. Smoketrain Joe Cano, The Stylistics, The Manhattans, The Sherells, The Crystals, Adela Chu, Steve Lucas, Kirk Thompson, Micheal Paulo, Willie K and Miho Nobuzane to name a few. One simple rule “A Groove is a terrible thing to waste!” Bob Hernandez charges $30 per half hour. See more of him at: