Kailua Music School is proud to offer courses in the art and science of audio recording. Upon successful completion of our Audio Engineering course, students will be allowed to use the school’s recording studio to record their own projects, whether commercial or personal.

Classes will be taught  by engineer Aaron Carey, sometimes better known as pipelineaudio

Aside from recording acts such as Sheryl Crow to Megadeth to The Gin Blossoms, Aaron was involved deeply in the creation of the REAPER Digital Audio Workstation and has a hand in the development of much of the modern audio hardware and software in use in studios throughout the world today.

Currently we offer two courses:

Audio Engineering Fundamentals from Kailua Music School

Learn the fundamentals of recording, including:

  • basic acoustics
  • mic choice and placement
  • signal flow and troubleshooting
  • session management
  • signal processing
  • mixing with a goal

The Jim Blair REAPER Course

Learn professional audio recording techniques using the affordable and powerful Reaper Digital Audio Software.

The modern music industry is constantly changing, and Kailua Music School will help you stay on the cutting edge. Together with engineer/producer/instructor Jim Blair, we are now offering the first officially certified Reaper recording software course.

Whether you are planning to make recording music your career, or simply improve your skills and capabilities for home recording, Reaper’s incredible power can help you achieve professional results. By combining high-performance, low cost, and unrivaled customization and stability, Reaper has become the perfect solution for any musician interested in professional and home studio recording.

Reaper is Mac and PC compatible, runs on most audio hardware, and offers the full version as a free 60 day downloadable demo (http://reaper.fm/ )