For the aspiring engineer, looking to record, edit and mix their way through the world of modern recording, Kailua Music School presents the Audio Engineering Fundamentals course.

This is no walk in the park, but a climb through the world of critical thinking, skepticism, troubleshooting and engineering in the most realistic meaning of the word: If you don’t have what you need, you build it. If its broken, you fix it. If its not making sense, you diagnose it!

You will learn the hows and whys of the waveforms bouncing around in both the real and virtual worlds, you will learn to understand them, modify them and control them.

You will learn why that shiny gizmo the current issue of your favorite magazine may not do at all what you wanted it to do, and learn all sorts of new things to do with what you’ve already got.

Upon successful completion of the Audio Engineering Fundamentals course, you WILL be qualified to run the studio at Kailua Music School, bring in projects and charge for your time as you see fit. This will be a hard course, but at the end you will have earned the right to TRULY call yourself an “engineer”. While that word is used far too often to refer to how many Guitar Center receipts one has in his pocket, your title will be the real deal.

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