The Jim Blair/Kailua Music School REAPER Course

Learn professional audio recording techniques using the affordable and powerful REAPER Digital Audio Software with one of the creators of REAPER itself.

The modern music industry is constantly changing, and Kailua Music School will help you stay on the cutting edge. Together with engineer/producer/instructor Jim Blair and pipelineaudio, we are now offering the first officially certified REAPER recording software course.

Whether you are planning to make recording music your career, or simply improve your skills and capabilities for home recording, REAPER’s incredible power can help you achieve professional results. By combining high-performance, low cost, and unrivaled customization and stability, REAPER has become the perfect solution for any musician interested in professional and home studio recording.

Released in 2006, and designed through a close relationship with its customers, REAPER has developed into the digital audio workstation of choice by some of the biggest names in the business.

REAPER is Mac and PC compatible, runs on most audio hardware, and offers the full version as a free 60 day downloadable demo ( ).

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 Here’s what enthusiastic REAPER users and course students are saying;

“The REAPER course, under Jim’s expert tuition and easy-going style of teaching, made difficult concepts easy to understand for a novice like myself. There is nothing better than having an experienced musician and sound engineer explain what is important and why. This course is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time and now it is up to us to take it from here and – make music! The enthusiasm of being amongst “music people ” is infectious and so great to be part of. Thanks Jim!”

Roy Smith, Graduate: Jim Blair REAPER Course 2012

“REAPER is a very deep and well designed recording program. I usually mix through a desk with mostly hardware outboard gear, but when recently I mixed using REAPER, it was the first time in years that I enjoyed mixing “in the box”. Jim’s course looks like an excellent way to get up to speed in REAPER!”

Terry Manning, Engineer/Producer: Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, Joe Walsh

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