In a stage area at the back of the market, a hot young band called Random Weirdos blasted through nineties classics by Nirvana and Green Day. But until I set eyes upon them, I had no idea how young: the band members ranged in age from nine to twelve years old. Didi Stewart, Berklee College of Music

Kailua Music School’s Stagecraft program puts students in real bands playing real shows, with all of the technical and academic support needed to create an ongoing, preforming musical group. The Stagecraft program springs from the creation of the highly successful Random Weirdos, (pictured below).
To learn more about the Random Weirdos, click here

Random Weirdos – Photo by Marina Miller / Red Heart Photo
Stagecraft consists of two major parts: The 13 Weeks to Showtime program – where a band is formed and students learn all the basics including stage etiquette, stage setup, PA system management, critical practicing techniques, incorporating technology in musical refinement, and many other skills.

At the end of 13 weeks, the band plays a real show alongside seasoned bands graduating into the world of the performing musician. Click here for more information about our 13 Weeks to Showtime program or click on the icon 

The Stage Master program – where graduates from the 13 Weeks to Showtime program receive the support they need to continue as a viable entity in their own right.

All of the technical support required will be provided, including recording and PA to document progress and move on to creating original music as a band.  Click here for more information about our Stagemaster program or click on the icon

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