Are you ready to do more than just practice scales and play in the school band? Have you always wanted to be a rock star? Kailua Music School has a revolutionary new program that will make YOU part of a band and get live gigs. Being part of a band encourages teamwork, creativity, discipline and that long lost art – stage etiquette.

Our graduates play regular gigs and shows at festivals, clubs, markets and other venues. And they often make great money. If you are between eight and fourteen years old, play an instrument reasonably well, and have three hours a week plus 40 minutes a day to devote, you could be playing live shows within three months.

P    A    R    E    N    T    S
 Practice is 2 hours on Sundays from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. and one hour Wednesdays from 6 p.m. until 7 p.m.     
Please be willing to make a commitment to have your child delivered on time to practice sessions.

Please be willing to ensure your child practices daily.

Please be willing to let the instructor be “in charge” of the band during practice sessions

S    T    U    D    E    N    T   S
You need to be willing to commit to practicing every day for at least 40 minutes.
Be a good team player – even if that means you play songs your band members like but you do not.

Make suggestions for new music or new music styles and bring them to the group for consideration.

You must be willing to demonstrate maturity and good stage etiquette


S    C    H    E    D    U    L   E

Week 1 – Stage set up and instrumentation basics

Week 2 – Learning to play with others – your first song as a band!

Week 3 – Practicing your first song

Week 4 – Stage etiquette, Practice

Week 5 – Stage set up review, Practice

Week 6 – Crisis Management

Week 7 – Interfacing with the music scene

Week 8 – Practice

Week 9 – Practice

Week 10 – Practice and Post-Mortem

Week 11 – Help from Without

Week 12 – Recording!

Week 13 – Showtime!