Get your kids rocking all summer long!


For summer 2015, Kailua Music School is once again offering a Summer Rock Band experience! This program is modelled on the steps that took the Random Weirdos from the Kailua Farmer’s Market up to opening for Jack White at the Blaisdell Arena in April 2015.

(Honolulu Pulse’s recent article on the Random Weirdos)

With Kailua Music School’s 2 week, 4 hours a day summer program, your kids will:

  • Learn songs together as a band
  • Perform in front of a real crowd
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Learn to be a team player, including being responsible for holding up their end
  • Learn to sink or swim as a team, and work together on problems
  • Act with self determination and self direction towards their end goals

The program is designed with the independent, somewhat rebellious and, most importantly, the “CAN DO” and “Never Give Up!” attitude of rock n roll in mind.

We will be mixing kids of different skill levels, and expect those with more experience to further their education by helping the newer students. Class sizes are between six and ten students. Cost for this program is $395.00

Memorial Day Special! Register before June 1 for $250

For more information and to register, contact Kailua Music School at 808-261-6142 or email or visit the website at fill out the following form to be contacted:

  • Parent's Name

Kailua Music School’s Random Weirdos at the Blaisdell!