Get your kids rocking all summer long!

Photo by Treena Shapiro Miyamoto

Photo by Treena Shapiro Miyamoto

Join any Monday, pay in two week increments to leave room for your summer fun and keep your kids learning all summer long!

The program runs four days a week, three hours a day from 1:30pm-4:30pm, Monday through Thursday.

The kids will have many different types of instruments to learn, and will learn a bit about the technical side of music set up as well. The kids will be taught by professional musicians at the Na Hoku nominated Kailua Music School.

Your kids will be motivated to act with self determination, self direction,and independence, yet also learn how to function cohesively as a group. They will learn to lead when they need to, when to follow, and how to tell the difference. They will be instilled with all the academic discipline two weeks reasonably allows. The kids will learn that their peers depend on them explicitly to carry out their tasks, and that they will succeed or fail together, and the outcome is ultimately all up to them.

The program is designed with the independent, somewhat rebellious and, most importantly, the “CAN DO” and “Never Give Up!” attitude of rock n roll in mind.

Just $200.00 per two week period ($25 a day to get your kids learning music and maybe even starting a band!)

The first group will start June 1

Class size: minimum 6 students, maximum 10

For more information please contact Kailua Music School at 261-6142

If you are ready to register, just click our PayPal button! If class size isn’t large enough by the start date, your money will be promptly refunded