Rate: $120 for 4 Weeks

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Jegaan Singh Faye was born in Alexandria Virginia in 1987. His mother worked for the U.S. State Department which allowed Jegaan to experience life at a young age overseas. He spent 8 years in Japan, 4 years in the Philippines, and 1 year in Africa to name a few countries where he lived long term. Jegaan first started playing the drums at the age of 6 in Tokyo, Japan. In the Philippines Jegaan studied the guitar. He then studied Vocal Performance for 5 years and sang in the touring advanced choir ensemble in Hawaii at the Leeward Community College under Marilyn Liu Kim. Jegaan is working as a freelance musician and teacher. He is involved and has performed in many venues in Hawaii including, JazzMinds Art & Cafe, Hawaiian Brian’s, Tiki’s, Corner Kitchen, Real Gastropub, Lu Lu’s, Sheraton Waikiki’s Rum Fire and other similar venues. The group that Jegaan is currently performing with is called Young Souls. Their music is a blend of jazzy acoustic renditions, up-tempo funk, soulful modern-day crooning. Jegaan aspires to enhance his musicality, his performance career, and to tour internationally back to all the places he knew and loved as a child.