Public Speaking – Songwriting

Rates: Half Hour Private lesson: $28, Full Hour Private Lesson: $55
Group Lessons: $
 Designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. Maximize your social abilities with Public Speaking classes. This course will help to develop your leadership skills and overall assertiveness in various social settings.

Kris “Krystilez” Ancheta

Kris “Krystilez” Ancheta aka “Steezy” is a radio show host, every night on Hawaii’s 102.7 da bomb radio station, and is also the voice for many commercials on broadcast radio. He has a background ranging from being a performing artist (live rap and visual media) to being a well-versed Master of Ceremonies, hosting various styles of events such as weddings, concerts, parties and retail promotions.  He also does many public speaking seminars for high schools and underprivileged children.  Wether standing in front of thousands, or sitting one-on-one, he has the ability to move you, with a tool that almost every human being has.. a Voice.