Piano – Bodhiology

Piano Instruction Rates: Half Hour Private lesson: $28, Full Hour Private Lesson: $55
Noriko Kamei Nixon is a bi-lingual (Japanese, English) Piano and a “Bodhiology” instructor and practitioner.

Noriko Kamei Nixon was born and raised in Osaka Japan.

When she was 3 years old, her father bought her a small organ and she began to play, having never been taught by anyone previously. Her unique gift allowed her to play any music by ear, which made her the designated Karaoke piano player for her family and childhood friends. She studied Classical Piano in Japan, and later crossed over to Electric Organ to play Jazz and other musical genres when she moved to New York City.

After the disastrous NYC 9/11 attack Noriko had an awakening. Having to deal with debilitating difficulties and chronic foot and walking pain throughout her entire life, she led herself through a journey of study and discovery that focused on fundamental human actions and rhythmic adjustments, breathing techniques, posture positioning and body movements. She named her body-mind method, “Bodhiology”.

Bodhiology’s 3 fundamental principles are:
• Great Ocean Breathing
• Grounding
• Functional Walking

Following these fundamentals helps students to achieve the 5 R’s.
1. Release
2. Reprogram
3. Reconnect
4. Reflect
5. Recycle

Through Bodhiology, Noriko has helped numerous athletes, children with disabilities, elderly as well as their care givers, physical therapists, and Yoga and Pilates instructors in both the U.S. and Japan.

While working at Kailua Music School, she also recently began arranging Piano compositions around Hawaiian music that had no previously documented song sheets, which she is deeply passionate about.

Noriko is here to share her gift, and cultivate your experience, so that you not only listen to music, but feel it resonate within your body.



Bodhiology is a method for human awakening, maximizing the potential of the body and mind in order to acquire efficient and functional physical motion throughout day to day activities.