Rate: $105 for 4 Weeks

Any song, in any key, at ANY speed! pipelineaudio is all about getting the aspiring electric guitarist up and ready to perform ASAP. Students looking for straight out mechanical ability, efficiency and technique, this might be the teacher for you. He does NOT teach in the C-A-G-E-D philosophy, but from a performance based, real world honed, approach of testing, observing, and finding solutions, until the student can confidently and subconsciously perform the song at hand.

pipelineaudio loves this quote attributed to Bruce Lee and tries to incorporate it into his style of teaching

Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.”


pipelineaudio started his career in 1989, training as an engineer working on guitars, amplifiers and sound reinforcement electronics. In 1991 he started studying under Pierre Grill at Rendezvous Recording in Hawai’i, working as a late night audio engineer, primarily for punk and metal bands. In 1994, Aaron relocated to Arizona, where he took he opportunity to enhance his skills in an area where the industry had much more to offer. pipelineaudio’s background as a solder jockey who could build connections offered him opportunities in the studio as a tech, and most often, a patch bay and routing builder, working under greats such as Michael Kaye, Jeff Harris and George Augsperger. He attained an internship after college at Vintage Recorders in Phoenix. He assisted and firsted for such musical giants as Lee Ving from Fear, Sacred Reich, Megadeth, Flotsam and Jetsam, and Dokken. pipelineaudio also worked with the regulars of the studio including Stevie Nicks, Joey DiFrancesco and The Gin Blossoms.

In 1999, he started the pipelineaudio studio. During this time, he began to pursue software solutions to real world and hardware problems; building relationships with Sonic Foundry, Sony, iZotope, and various visionaries of the impossible, and probably most importantly, Wave Machine Labs. He also set up at Vintage Recorders to make impulses of the gear, rooms and reverbs there for the newly emerging convolution reverb technology, which led to the AES_24_96 and pipelineaudio impulses popularized by Noisevault. During this time he released one of the first third party samples for Drumagog. 

In 2006, pipelineaudio teamed up with Justin Frankel and Christophe Thibault to turn their fledgling REAPER Digital Audio Workstation into a product that could be used by professionals, dominating a section of the market which had been almost completely ignored by the existing DAW manufacturers.

In 2009, pipelineaudio returned home to Kailua, Hawai’i where he manages the Kailua Music School, supporting local musicians, developing software solutions, developing young independent bands and teaching classes.

In 2013, pipelineaudio engineered the album Peaceful Solutions for artist Man on a String, which resulted in several #1 positions in the soundclick.com charts!