Audio Engineering – Digital Music Production
Instruction Rates: Half Hour Private lesson: $28, Full Hour Private Lesson: $55

Samson “Spoox” Malani 

Samson “Spoox” Malani (born and raised in Kāneʻohe, Hawaiʻi), also known as Grindman, or Spookahuna, is an accomplished entrepreneur, record executive, music producer, recording artist, and studio engineer. 
Spoox and his “brother from another mother”, Doug Farrar, founded Tiki Entertainment in 2001 and achieved immediate industry recognition with the release of Big Teeze’s “808 Ho’s”, Free Floers “420″, and their top selling Hawaii Hip Hop compilation, “Tiki Entertainment presents The Revolution”.
Their persistent drive, intense focus, and entrepreneurial spirit led to Tiki Entertainment signing 23 acts spreading out over 5 musical genres and releasing 13 albums in a 4 year span including Spoox’s own solo debut, “HiStory in the making: Chapter 1″.
They achieved notable success with their 2005 award-winning releases of Parc Cyde (Loved by some, Hated by many, Respected by all) and J Bird (My Life) and the 2006 release of Krystilez (The O) which featured the hit singles, “Shake” and “Bloodline”.
Due to the unpredictable and constantly changing record industry, the company restructured itself in 2007 to form Tiki Entertainment Artist Marketing & Management, which handled all aspects of their roster’s representation and publishing.  “TEAMM’s” recording artists, accompanied by Spoox’s beat knock and Tobez acoustic and reggae background, satisfied Hawaii’s craving for an all original urban island sound the natives could finally call their own (now known as “Hibred” or “Urban Island” music).
Between 2010-2014, Spoox undertook different entrepreneurial endeavors (even taking on a job as an Executive Director at Hawaiʻi’s largest broad-line distributor), but in 2015 he made his way back to the music. 
Or maybe, music made its way back to him. 
Spoox became part of Kailua Music School through a partnership with his cousin Aaron Carey, who had been the school’s Managing Director since 2011.  The cousins were granted the opportunity to takeover ownership of the business by its previous owner, Bob “Frosty” Frost, who although has since retired from the operation, still maintains an active role in the school’s community involvement.  The duo has furthered their facility in Windward Oʻahu to not only provide the Gift of Music, but also to afford Creators from all-walks-of-life a superior environment conducive to Arts, Technology, and Culture. 
Spoox is also involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures ranging from Apparel to Logistics. 
For Spoox, his life’s work has only begun. He sums up his gratitude and hustle in his own words, “As long as The Creator decides for me to be here, I ain’t pau. Aloha Forward Always.”