Ukulele – Guitar

Ukulele Private Lessons (Ages 7 and up)
Half Hour: $35
Full Hour: $55
Ukulele Private Lessons (4 – 6 yrs)
Ukulele Group Lessons
2 – 3 students: Starting at $25 / half hour
4 – 6 students: Starting at $20 / half hour

Toby Fujihara (Producer, Recording Engineer, Musician, Live Sound Engineer). 

    Aloha, I am Toby Fujihara, local-born on the island of Oahu, in 1983. Attended Waipahu highschool for 6 years and Graduated from Mililani high school in 2001. I’ve been in multiple Reggae, Contemporary, Acoustic and Local bands since 1996.. bands like All-Natro, Local Born, Resination, Off Shore, and Top Heavy just to name a few. I’ve performed with many big Hawaiʻi acts through my musician life and gained a lot of experience and respect for the music scene here in our islands. 
    My producing and engineering career began at Tiki Entertainment under the guidance of Samson “Spoox” Malani. It is there that I worked with many Artists and Bands like Krystlez, Izrael, Cultcha Shoc, All-Natro, and Local Born. I’ve had the pleasure to record and produce 4 albums and several singles released by talented striving local musicians.. some of which had recurring radio-play rotation on popular Hawaiʻi music stations. We’ve also done Ukulele Scores for the National Hit TV Show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Hawaii-edition. 
    I am a member of All-Natro LLC, a Reggae Band from Central Oʻahu, still striving and producing music in the local stream and continuing to advance forward. I also own Aloha Noise LLC which is a Live Sound Company, providing quality sound systems for local musicians to perform Hawaiʻi events big and small. 
    I choose to take part in all aspects of music from performing, to engineering, to live performance and live sound, so that I may fully understand what it takes to become a successful artist in this industry. Also to understand how one move in the beginning of your career reflects an outcome later in your career. To know the process of becoming an independent artist and to share that knowledge with those less-fortunate with knowledge. And so, It is my life long music goal to educate, and share everything I know about the music industry with those eager to learn as much as in partaking in it myself. 
Producer/Engineer/Musician achievements:
Tai Nunu single (Did it again)
All-Natro single (Slow it down)
Soul Smooth album (What does it mean)
Cultcha Shoc album(Rough roads ahead)
All-Natro single 
Sade’ cover (by your side)
All-Natro album (Onward)
Local Born(Bronson) unreleased