Basic Piano – All Ages

Rate: $40/half hour (plus 4.712% tax)

(Due at 1st lesson of the month.)

“Music is a wonderful gift to share.” This is the reason why educator, Vanessa Ott, is offering affordable beginning piano lessons for music lovers of all ages. Blessed with parents who valued music education for their children, and an Aunty who gave inexpensive piano lessons, Vanessa has been playing piano since she was a young child.

Vanessa’s objective is to help as many beginners as possible become familiar with music fundamentals, learn good practicing habits, read music notation, play tunes, and have fun with sound. If you do your weekly lessons and practice every day, you will move on quickly to more advanced lessons offered by the other fine piano teachers at Kailua Music School.

Vanessa’s Experience

Vanessa Ott (née: Vanesa Else) is an alumnus of the University of Electronic Music Studios and attained a Bachelor of Science in Music and Audio Engineering (1983). She was one of the founding editors of Electronic Musician magazine, and has travelled many miles since then. Several years as an independent video producer segued to a career in information technology support, curriculum development, and computer software training.

A desire to teach in a high-need public school in Hawaiʻi led to earning an NCATE teacher’s education at California State University – East Bay while she taught piano lessons at Fiat Music (Pinole, CA), and K-5 computer classes at a local elementary school. She relocated to the islands in 2006 where she worked as a licensed elementary school teacher in rural Hawaiʻi for almost five years. Since 2012 she has been working to bring greater community engagement into the State of Hawaiʻi Board of Education and Department of Education. See her web site: