Drums, Voice, Bass, Theory and Composition by Ear for Keyboard or Guitar

Rate $30 per half hour / $50 per hour / one hour with two students $60


    Composer / Songwriter / Musical Arranger of five musical albums for CD, Zach Sestili started drum lessons at age seven and took up piano, guitar, and saxophone at age eleven and began to compose songs. By then he was already performing in music groups as a vocalist and instrumentalist, including his own songs amidst pop-rock cover songs.

    Continuing training in music theory, he found a new approach to learning music by ear, which relates the scales of musical harmony to a spectrum of colors. After years of development, he finds this system to be beneficial at all levels of composition and improvisation study, and it applies to any melodic instrument.

    As a musical arranger, responsible for blending several instruments into one composition, Zach remains versed in Keyboards, Drums, Voice, Guitar, and Bass. He now offers to provide composition and performance instruction on each of these instruments.

    With 20 years of experience performing live and creating in the studio, Zach Sestili offers to help provide the necessary elements to fulfill your musical knowledge and goals. Some audio and video samples of his compositions are available at http://www.color-guitar.com as well as details about his approach to understanding music harmony.

    Bring a new song out by ear and ready for performance. Your own brand-new songs or those you’ve heard and would like to play can be achieved with basic knowledge about how music and harmony works. The technical ability you develop by practicing on your instrument is added to this, in order to fully enjoy the satisfaction found in making music.