Model--------Results @44.1kHz Sampling Rate----51225612864Interface Type
Apogee Rosetta 80013
Audient iD426.43014.8209.0166.113USB
Behringer UMC204HD30.60420.88712.1157.654USB
Behringer X32/Midas M3214.8988.9116.531USB
Digidesign Mbox227.86116.24910.15
ESI UGM9623.8128.5USB
Focusrite Liquid 5625.46313.8528.0565.152FW400
Focusrite Saffire Pro4013.6497.8464.945
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (analog)48.49524.77313.0708.077
Focusrite Scarlett 18i2048.33224.81212.9347.993USB
Focusrite Scarlett 2i444.21226.84518.22011.876
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Generation46.30722.60910.9106.009
Gadget Labs Wave 8/2424.60912.9997.1944.291PCI
IK iRig HD2 ASIO4All39.92328.31122.51619.612USB
Lexicon Alpha72.337.52017.6USB
Line 6 Firehawk FX65.07538.85524.33015.442USB
Line6 Pod Studio GX45.0527.1618.45N/AUSB
Line 6 Pod XT Live44.01526.617.893n/a
Lynx Aurora6.7PCIe
Lynx Two25.60513.9958.1895.288PCI
M-Audio 249624.7713.167.364.48PCI
M-Audio Delta 101026.1514.547.985.81PCI
M-Audio Delta 1010 (using ASIO4All Driver)39.5327.94n/an/aPCI
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8r 29.29617.70711.9268.978USB
M-Audio Fast Track C60028.3716.75610.9548.051USB
M-Audio Profire 262626.72815.1779.1997.728FW400
Mackie Onyx Blackjack29.9318.3212.52*7.87*USB
Mackie Onyx 162059.8634.0818.7113.06FW
Mackie Onyx 162034*16.8*8.7*4.3*
MOTU 896 mkIII40.322.714.039.8USB
MOTU 1224 (analog)25.76214.1528.3485.445PCIe
MOTU 2408 mkII26.2114.68.825.8PCI
MOTU 2408 MKII (analog)25.22513.627.8154.913PCIe
MOTU 2408 MKII (digital)24.19512.5856.783.878PCIe
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 630.57518.96513.1610.257USB
Novation Ultranova36.0921.5815.53
Presonus 1818VSL32.90817.2899.4866.558USB
Presonus Firestudio Mobile (analog)27.66416.05710.2517.348FW400
Presonus Firestudio Mobile in Low Latency mode (analog)26.57714.9679.1626.260FW400
Realtek ALC89223.712.16.3Onboard
Realtek HDA23.74412.1346.331Onboard laptop
RME Digiface25.9014.298.485.58PCI
RME Fireface 80026.40614.7968.9916.088FW400
RME Fireface UC25.914.38.55.6USB
RME Fireface UFX25.24113.6327.8264.926USB
RME Fireface UFX (digital)24.30812.6986.8933.991USB
RME UFX25.06413.4557.6504.743USB
Roland Quad Capture38.03120.70612.0687.601USB2
Sonoma Wireworks StudioJack Mini37.225.614.1sketchyn/a
Steinberg UR2235.420.8149.1USB
TASCAM US 2x244.4220.4312.429.52USB
TASCAM US 16x0838.7622.4214.438.57USB
TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 628.717.111.28.3FW400
TC Electronic Impact Twin29.19217.58211.7798.878FW400
Universal Audio Apollo Quad 27.3215.718.485.58FW800
Universal Audio Apollo Twin26.3714.788.986.08USB
Zoom UAC-225.78514.1758.3705.468USB3
Zoom U-2430.07817.03510.8978.129USB

X32/M32 Dante Virtual Soundcard @ 48khz

ASIO BufferASIO LatencyDante LatencyX-Dante Latencyreported latencymeasured latency

X32/M32 Dante with Focusrite Rednet PCIeR @48khz

Reported LatencyMeasured LatencyASIO BufferPCI Dante LatencyXDante Latency


How to use this chart: This is a representation of various audio interfaces at different buffer settings and the round trip latency at each setting. On the far left is the model name of the interface, followed by the round trip latency, in miliseconds at buffer size of 512 samples, 256 samples, 128 samples and 64 samples. When available the connection type of the interface is listed as well, be it Firewire 400, Firewire 800, USB, PCI, or others.

(digital) or (analog) in parenthesis, describes whether the loopback was done using digital or with the extra step of analog to digital (and digital to analog) converters in the test, with analog always also adding the converter latency to the resulting measurments

“*” Indicates either an unstable driver or a possibly disputed result


Further resources:

An excellent article by Presonus about round trip latency, its causes and effects
Purrfect Audio – Home of Digital Audio Workstation configuration guru Jim Roseberry